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Candidate for NYC Council’s 45th District

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Creating policy on issues that matter.

Marijuana Legalization

  • Fully legalize Marijuana and wipe all non-violent recreational drug charges citywide. 
    • For two long we have been throwing peaceful people in cages for owning a plant. These men and women deserve justice, freedom, and the ability to live a normal life once again.

Continuing Education

  • Organize adult education classes for ages 16 and up
    • These would provide vital life skills such as tax preparation, budgeting, and cooking as well as marketable skills such as cosmetology, mechanics, and accounting.

Occupational Licensing

  • Waive all occupational licensing fees
    • Why do we have to pay the government before we can make money? These laws only keep us from rising out of poverty on our own. 
  • Remove many of the stumbling block that keep people from obtaining a license such as age, race, or immigration status
  • Re-evaluate what jobs should require a license

Police Reform

  • Set up a police interaction hotline. 
    • This would allow people to have a third party, sometimes a lawyer, on the phone during a police stop as well as report on good policing and police misconduct. We must hold officers accountable for their misuse of power and promote those who uphold the laws and set good examples for their fellow officers.
  • Treat the criminals within the police force exactly like we treat others. Hold them accountable. 

Human Rights

  • Decriminalize sex work. 
    • Bring this industry into the light so we can crack down on the real criminals, traffickers and abusers, as well as end the racist, sexist policing practices that are justified using these laws.
  • Take a big step toward renewable and clean energy throughout NYC
    • End subsidies to oil and gas companies
    • Invest in Solar, Hydo, and Nuclear Power
    • 100% electric mass transit systems

Help elect David Fite on November 5th 2019

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